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16th Annual Meeting

Monday, June 20, 2022

NZ 19:45

UK 08:45

CET 09:45

Finland 10:45

NZ 20:00

UK 09:00

CET 10:00

Finland 11:00

NZ 20:15

UK 09:15

CET 10:15

Finland 11:15

NZ 20:30

UK 09:30

CET 10:30

Finland 11:30

NZ 20:45

UK 09:45

CET 10:45

Finland 11:45

NZ 21:00

UK 10:00

CET 11:00

Finland 12:00

NZ 21:45

UK 10:45

CET 11:45

Finland 12:45

NZ 22:00

UK 11:00

CET 12:00

Finland 13:00

NZ 22:15

UK 11:15

CET 12:15

Finland 13:15

NZ 22:30

UK 11:30

CET 12:30

Finland 13:30

NZ 22:45

UK 11:45

CET 12:45

Finland 13:45

NZ 23:00

UK 12:00

CET 13:00

Finland 14:00

NZ 23:45

UK 12:45

CET 13:45

Finland 14:45

NZ 00:00

UK 13:00

CET 14:00

Finland 15:00

NZ 00:15

UK 13:15

CET 14:15

Finland 15:15

NZ 00:30

UK 13:30

CET 14:30

Finland 15:30

NZ 00:45

UK 13:45

CET 14:45

Finland 15:45

NZ 01:00

UK 14:00

CET 15.00

Finland 16:00

NZ 01:25

UK 14:25

CET 15:25

Finland 16:25

NZ 19:00

UK 08:00

CET 09:00

Finland 10:00


Zoom Lecture Hall 1

NZ 19:10

UK 08:10

CET 09:10

Finland 10:10

NZ 19:25

UK 08:25

CET 09:25

Finland 10:25

NZ 19:40

UK 08:40

CET 09:40

Finland 10:40


Single session

Zoom Lecture Hall 1

Chair: Céline Bassand, University of Lille

Mikkel Herzberg, University of Copenhagen
In situ characterization of crystal surfaces using atomic force microscopy and molecular dynamics simulations

Jayant Iyer, RCPE Graz
Towards understanding the role of crystal disorder in solid state drug oxidation

Short brake

Choose your session.


Parallel session A

Zoom Lecture Hall 1

Chair: Tapani Viitala, University of Helsinki


Parallel session B

Zoom Lecture Hall 2

Chair: Piyush Panini, KU Leuven

Mohammed Al-Sharabi, University of Cambridge

Investigating the liquid transport kinetics of ceramic powder compacts using
terahertz pulsed imaging

Chima Robert, University of Otago

Understanding the isothermal dehydration of crystalline hydrates in both the
low and mid frequency Raman regions

Eline Boel, KU Leuven

Investigation of bead coating as manufacturing process for the development of amorphous solid dispersions

Jingwen Liu, University of Copenhagen

Dissolution behaviour of a ternary amorphous drug delivery system: a co-amorphous system co-formulated with a small amount of polymer

Moritz Anuschek, University of Cambridge

Non-destructive quantification of fragmentation in pharmaceutical materials after tableting using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Dunja Novakovic, University of Helsinki

Solid-state analysis of amorphous suspensions aiding the stability assessment and formulation selection

Karlis Berzins, University of Otago

Solving the computational puzzle: towards a pragmatic pathway for modelling low-energy vibrational modes of pharmaceutical crystals

Qi Li, University of Cambridge

Molecular dynamics and magnetic properties of metal-organic perovskites [C(NH2)3][MII(HCOO)3]

Melissa Everaerts, KU Leuven

Investigating the complex phase behaviour and drug release of ternary solid dispersions based on ethyl cellulose

Nele-Johanna Hempel, University of Copenhagen

Does microwave-induced in situ amorphization follow linear kinetics?

Johanna Kölbel, University of Cambridge

Terahertz spectroscopy for protein lyophilizates

Sien Dedroog, KU Leuven

Unraveling the importance of solvent selection for the formulation of high drug loaded amorphous solid dispersions

NZ 21:15

UK 10:15

CET 11:15

Finland 12:15

Lunch brake or evening snack

Choose your session.


Parallel session C

Zoom Lecture Hall 1

Chair: Theresa Hörmann, RCPE Graz


Parallel session D

Zoom Lecture Hall 2

Chair: Henrik Palmelund, University of Copenhagen

Carolina Corzo, RCPE Graz

Solid-state of polyglycerol esters of fatty acids: correlation to their processability via spray-drying to produce inhalable lipid-microparticles

Mithushan Soundaranathan, University of Strathclyde

Quantification of Single Particle Swelling

Elene De Cleyn, KU Leuven

Picking up good vibrations: The intensified vibratory mill via a modern design of experiments

Jernej Štukelj, University of Helsinki

Machine Vision Enabled Salt Dissolution Analysis

Vanessa Düphans, TU Dortmund

Time Efficient Simulation of Critical Process Parameters of Screw Elements of a Twin Screw Extruder

Fabiana Ferraro, University of Lille

Anthelmintic moxidectin-loaded lipid microparticles

Céline Bassand, University of Lille

Impact of the in vitro release set-up on ibuprofen release from PLGA implants

Prince Bawuah, University of Cambridge

Towards the Development of a Fully Automated At-line Terahertz Porosity Sensor for Non-Destructive Prediction of Tablet Dissolution

Anna Justen, TU Dortmund

Production and Collection of Submicron Drug Particles

Snezana Radivojev, RCPE Graz

The relevance of simulated lung fluid composition on the drug solubility and predicted in-vivo performance

Martina Trogrlic, RCPE Graz

Numerical and Experimental Validation of a Pilot Scale Wurster Coater Application

Runqiao Dong, University of Cambridge

Study of Swelling of Immediate Release Tablets during Water Ingress Using Terahertz Pulsed Imaging

NZ 23:15

UK 12:15

CET 13:15

Finland 14:15

Alternative lunch brake

Choose your next session.


Parallel session E

Zoom Lecture Hall 1

Chair: Nele-Johanna Hempel, University of Copenhagen


Parallel session F

Zoom Lecture Hall 2

Chair: Prince Bawuah, University of Cambridge

Tingting Liu, Shenyang Pharm. University

Enhancement of aerosol performances of inhalable dry powders containing trantinterol hydrochloride with fine lactose and magnesium stearate

Michela Beretta, RCPE Graz

Tribo-electrification of pharmaceutical powders during twin-screw feeding and their sensitivity to environmental conditions

Fan Xie, KU Leuven

Development of a controlled-release carrier using mesoporous cellulose beads for poorly water soluble drugs

David Blanco, University of Helsinki

New Imaged-based Characterization of Powder Flow

Lan Wu, Shenyang Pharm. University

The lung inflammation effects of siRNA loaded PLGA nano-formulations for long-term pulmonary administration

Sara Fathollahi, RCPE Graz

Performance Evaluation of a High-precision Low-dose Powder Feeder

Céline Bassand, University of Lille

Is PLGA suitable for 3D printing of controlled release implants?

Elisa De Pauw, Ghent University

Formation of delta-mannitol by co-spray drying to enhance tabletability of paracetamol-mannitol formulations

Silke Henry, Ghent University

Material requirements for extrusion-based 3D printing

Natalie Maclean, University of Strathclyde

Exploring the Stability-Controlling Tablet Disintegration Mechanisms

Erin Walsh, University of Strathclyde

Development of 3D Printed Rapid Tooling for Micro-Injection Moulding

Anne Skelbæk, University of Copenhagen

The effect of particle size and deformation behavior on water ingress into tablets

NZ 01:15

UK 14:15

CET 15:15

Finland 16:15

Short break

Online reception

Zoom Lecture Hall 1


NZ 02:10

UK 15:10

CET 16:10

Finland 17:10

Short break

NZ 02:15

UK 15:15

CET 16:15

Finland 17:15

Closing remarks and award ceremony

Zoom Lecture Hall 1

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