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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

NZ 19:00

UK 08:00

CET 09:00

Finland 10:00

Welcome and Introduction
Zoom Main Room

 Analytics I
Parallel session A
Zoom Main Room
Chair: Blaž Grilc

 Processing II
Parallel session B
Zoom Breakout Room
Chair: Bram Bekaert

NZ 19:10

UK 08:10

CET 09:10

Finland 10:10

NZ 19:25

UK 08:25

CET 09:25

Finland 10:25

NZ 19:40

UK 08:40

CET 09:40

Finland 10:40

NZ 19:55

UK 08:55

CET 09:55

Finland 10:55

NZ 20:10

UK 09:10

CET 10:10

Finland 11:10

Karlis Berzins, University of Otago

A new frontier for non-destructive spatial analysis of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms: micro-spatially/spatially offset low-frequency Raman spectroscopy(micro-SOLFRS/SOLFRS)

Amelie Mattusch, Technische Universität Dortmund

Investigation of Flow-Induced Effects on the Dissolution of APIs 

Johanna Kölbel, University of Cambridge

Toward in-situ Observation of the Structure of Crystallising Magnesium Sulfate Solutions  

René Brands, Technische Universität Dortmund 

 Application of UV-Vis spectroscopy as an in-line monitoring tool for tableting 

Keir Murphy, University of Strathclyde

 Terahertz Analysis of Glass Simulation Samples 

Vincent Kimmel, Technische Universität Dortmund

Global 1D Model for Twin-Screw-Extruders in Pharmaceutical Applications

Snezana Radivojev, RCPE

The influence of mucus on the permeability of inhalable APIs

Manuel Zettl, RCPE

Design and Characterisation of a Novel Continuous Vacuum Drying Technology

Jack Creswick, University of Strathclyde

Analysis of Novel Spherical Agglomerates: Compaction Behaviour and Impact on Tablet Properties

Jayant Iyer, RCPE

Milling-induced amorphisation in Mifepristone and the implications on oxidative stability 

NZ 20:25

UK 09:25

CET 10:25

Finland 11:25

Short Break

Analytics II
Parallel session C
Zoom Main Room
Chair: Keir Murphy

Amorphous & Stability II
Parallel session D
Zoom Breakout Room
Chair: Johanna Kobel

NZ 20:35

UK 09:35

CET 10:35

Finland 11:35

NZ 20:50

UK 09:50

CET 10:50

Finland 11:50

NZ 21:05

UK 10:05

CET 11:05

Finland 12:05

NZ 21:20

UK 10:20

CET 11:20

Finland 12:20

NZ 21:35

UK 10:35

CET 11:35

Finland 12:35

Blaž Grilc, University of Ljubljana

Development of a buccal films with the assistance of image analytics 

Peter Remoto, University of Otago

Isothermal dehydration of nitrofurantoin monohydrate II: A low frequency Raman spectroscopy study

Pedro Martin Salvador, Ghent University

 Model based scale up of a spray drying process for a protein based product 

Selma Celikovic, RCPE

Observer Design for Granule Moisture in the ConsiGma™-25 Fluid Bed Dryer

Runqiao Dong, University of Cambridge

Visualising Features of Liquid Transport through Coated Tablets Using Terahertz Pulsed Imaging

Keyoomars Khorami, The University of Copenhagen

Co-amorphous drug-phospholipid systems – bridging the gap between amorphous solid dispersions and lipid based drug 

Eline Boel, KU Leaven

Solvent influence on manufacturability, phase behavior and morphology of amorphous solid dispersions prepared via bead coating

Qi Li, University of Cambridge

The metastable form of theophylline observed during phase transitions

Please see parallel session C

Črt Dragar, University of Ljubljana

Multi-Core Magnetic Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery

NZ 21:50

UK 10:50

CET 11:50

Finland 12:50

Closing remarks 
Zoom Main Room

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